This is a toy language written in c++ following the crafting interpreter book, and ported to WASM . For now is quite limited but I will keep building on it. Feel free to hack around! Check the repository out and my previous language babycpp!

What can you do

You print values with a print statement.

print 10;

print "hello world";

You can evaluate mathematical expressions like.

print (-1*3.14)+(-13);

remember you need to print to see the result in the output.

you can use variables, TheBinder is dynamically typed and uses var as keyword (not int etc).

var a = 10;
var b = 30;
print a*b;

You can use while and for loops. The compiler only really knows about while loops, normal for loops are just syntax sugar

var a = 0;
while(a < 10){
print a;
a = a + 1;

For a for loop do:

for(var a = 0; a < 10;a = a+ 1){
print a;

You can use if/else statements

var a = 10;
if(a < 5){
print "less!";
} else{
print "greater!";

If you find a bug please report it by clicking this button